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About Us


We are here to support:

Digestive Health

Athletic performance

Prenatal nutrition

Postnatal and beyond

Male health

Plant based balance

Our Story


Back in 2013 Viki was living in Guernsey, Channel Islands, competing regularly in Triathlon. Although aware of the importance of food as fuel, Viki had little understanding of what she was putting into her body and the effect it could have on her performance as an amateur athlete. It was not until she suffered a stress fracture that she started to understand the impact that nutrition could have on all aspects of her life: both mental and physical. Hungry to learn more, Viki retrained as a Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer. 

Roll forward nine years, Viki has gained experience as a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, Nutritional Chef and certified Nutritional Therapist.


Viki's overall goal is to support her clients' overall health and wellbeing through nutrition and movement.

Viki is a member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

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