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Food Journal

About Your Visit


When you book in for your first consultation here at Viki Nunn Nutrition, you will need to complete a number of documents before your visit.

Please ensure you read, complete and submit these back to Viki Nunn Nutrition at least 24 hours before your appointment.

The documents you will need to complete:

  1. A Pre-appointment Questionnaire. A link will be sent with your email confirmation. This will take approximately 30 minutes to complete so make sure you grab a cuppa and get comfortable.

  2. Sign our Terms of Engagement

  3. Read our Privacy Policy

  4. Complete a three to five day Food Diary (see attachment). Please try to include at least one day of the weekend. If you would prefer to share with My Fitness Pal, you can do this by inviting Viki Nunn Nutrition to be a friend and enable sharing capabilities.

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